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          Exterior PVC Banners

Photo quality, digitally printed solvent banners. UV stable print with 5 year outdoor protection as standard, fully waterproof and scratchproof.

Product Name

PVC Banners


490gsm nylon reinforced glossy PVC


Machine welded eyelets every 60cm(2ft)


Full colour print


Any Size

Per Square Metre or:

By any length in multiples of 1 foot in height i.e. 8'x1', 8'x2' or 8' x 4'etc. 


£32.29 per  square metre (£3.00 per Square Foot)


Solvent digital printing allows your design to include complex logos and graphics as well as high quality photographic images, making it an even more versatile and effective marketing tool. In fact the only limitation for printed banners is your imagination.

n.b. Classed as temporary signs, banners do not usually require planning permission. 

Create your own design quickly and easily with the Online Sign Maker. We have made it possible for you to create a unique design that's perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Pockets can be welded into the banners to use in conjunction with our range of Projecting Brackets.

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